What is MI-BOX?

MI-BOX Mobile Storage is a leader in the moving and storage industry for customer satisfaction, equipment and service. Our franchise opportunities were designed to provide everything needed to run and operate your own successful portable storage and moving business. Build your future mobile storage business with quality products and turnkey solutions from MI-BOX. MI-BOX franchise locations are available throughout the US.

MI-BOX History

The three founding members of MI-BOX spent years researching traditional self-storage facilities, moving businesses, truck rental companies and the customers they service. In doing so, it became abundantly clear that customers demand convenience, service and satisfaction.

In an effort to provide cost effective and convenient solutions to local customers in our hometown Chicago markets, the owners of MI-BOX set a course for success. In 2004, MI-BOX started manufacturing containers for our own mobile storage business in Chicago, IL and quickly built it to over 400+ containers. MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage, based in Joliet, IL, invented, designed and engineered our proprietary, industry-leading Level-Lift ™ system and we have been manufacturing our portable storage brand of containers since 2004. We now have three manufacturers to ensure a constant supply of quality containers. MI-BOX has grown to over 48 dealer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and started franchising in 2022.

Our company-owned facility consists of 28,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled warehouse space and operates with only two trucks fitted with our patented Level Lift™ container delivery system. With one operations manager and just two drivers, MI-BOX can run a larger operation while maintaining a low cost structure. Our Level-Lift ™ system enables us to service more customers, in more areas, with greater efficiencies, than any other mobile storage competitor.

We developed our products and services with first-hand knowledge and experience in growing our own mobile storage business. Our products and services enable MI-BOX to provide the highest level of service with guaranteed customer satisfaction. From concept to reality, the three founding members, our dealers and franchisees remain the driving force behind MI-BOX.

MI-BOX has locations from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada. We continue expanding into new markets with quality franchisees.

Efficient Delivery System

The MI-BOX Level Lift and Delivery System is the most efficient container transport system available. It allows its users to complete more deliveries, faster, easier and safer than any other. We designed and patented our Lift System to give our users the competitive advantages needed to out service any mobile storage company. Only MI-BOX affiliates can get our Level Lift System. It’s patented technology that gives each MI-BOX user a distinct advantage.

High-quality Containers

The foundation of any mobile storage business is built on storage containers and a way of delivering them. MI-BOX brand mobile storage containers quickly set the bar for quality container manufacturing. With enhancements like hot dipped galvanizing, composite wall panels and modular flat pack shipping. MI-BOX portable storage containers remain one of the most versatile, longest lasting, best valued containers available. MI-BOX now has three separate manufacturers dedicated to producing our containers which ensures a continuous supply of quality containers for our network.

The MI-BOX Difference

tools2The enhanced service capabilities of our Lift System and quality of our containers are the foundation of MI-BOX. With an incredible demand for our products, MI-BOX began expanding throughout the United States and Canada with our dealership program and began expanding through franchising in 2022. This program was designed to be flexible enough to work with any business while still protecting our intellectual property rights and brand recognition.

Our MI-BOX system provides complete turnkey solutions including everything a business would need to succeed in mobile storage. MI-BOX dealers can immediately launch their business with confidence and support. With equipment that gives them a distinct competitive advantage and proven operational tools, our dealers can avoid costly mistakes made by most start ups and reach their goals much faster.

Expanding throughout North America

MI-BOX is rapidly expanding throughout North America and our user network just keeps getting stronger. Our comprehensive franchise program includes absolutely everything anyone would ever need to run a successful mobile storage business. Using the most trusted brand name in the industry, one of the longest-lasting containers, the most-efficient level delivery system and operational tools can generate faster lease up times and greater profitability.

Our franchise system keeps you in control of running the day to day operations so you can determine your own destination much faster.

Franchise Benefits

Our existing MI-BOX dealers throughout North America helped shape the MI-BOX system to become one of the most sought after mobile storage opportunity available. Our products and services have been tested and used by the ones we trust the most… our dealers. This unique opportunity has been refined over the years to be flexible business solutions that work with any business. As a MI-BOX franchisee, you will receive access to our exclusive products and services, training and our unlimited support to keep you and your new business on track.


MI-BOX is a franchise which means we sell our system in accordance with the Franchise Rule and Federal Trade Commission laws. MI-BOX will supply the foundation upon which to build your business using the most trusted brand name in the industry.

MI-BOX franchisees receive the following benefits:

  • The most trusted brand name in the industry – Each MI-BOX franchise receives the rights to use the MI-BOX Trademark name provided within the terms of our Franchise Agreement to conduct their business as well as the use of our proprietary containers and patented Level Lift System.
  • Longest lasting mobile storage containers available – MI-BOX storage containers are available in three standard sizes. Storage containers come in lengths of 8 ft.,  16 ft. and 20 ft. They are approximately 7 ft. 3 in. wide and 7 ft. 10 in. in height. Mobile storage containers are shipped from our manufacturing facilities in a modular flat pack design to save on transportation costs. They are typically constructed in about 1 hour with just a few people. Flat pack containers can be shipped on one truck or inside an ISO shipping container to your location. MI-BOX has one US manufacturer and two overseas manufacturers to ensure a constant supply of containers. Franchisees are required to purchase storage containers only from MI-BOX or one of our Approved Suppliers for use in their business. For more details click here.
  • Our patented Level delivery system for transporting containers – The MI-BOX Level Lift System is a specialized, patented delivery system used for transporting MI-BOX mobile storage containers. It was designed to lift a total weight of 10,000 lbs. and to be mounted to a variety of truck chassis under 26,000 GVW. For more details click here – MI-BOX Level Lift System 
  • Website platform customized for your service area SEO/SEM – MI-BOX has developed its website at www.getmibox.com for use with all of our locations. The MI-BOX website is designed to send potential customers directly to each MI-BOX locations page within our website for pricing and information specific to each location. MI-BOX will set up each locations pages within our website, which appears seamless to any searching party. Each user has the ability to completely edit their individual locations pages including pricing details, service areas, links, videos, special offers and/or services and more. MI-BOX will set up each location page within our website and compile a list of postal/zip codes surrounding each locations territory and establish a data base of the postal/zip codes in which to direct customers . When potential customers enter their service postal/zip codes into our website, the respective MI-BOX location handling those postal/zip codes pages will appear with any services offered and their corresponding pricing will appear. By only directing local area postal/zip codes leads, inquiries and orders  to specific MI-BOX locations, only serviceable customers will be directed to each MI-BOX location.  MI-BOX will begin setting up each locations web pages as part of of our set up process. MI-BOX will start building the zip code data base and pricing page for the protected territory and will have it live and working within a few weeks.
  • MI-BOX operational software to run your daily business – MI-BOX has designed our proprietary software for efficient organization of information, scheduling, billing and work order generation. It has everything needed to manage your mobile storage operations. It is simple and easy to use and filled with powerful tools to manage your daily activities. Useful reports are easily generated to keep you up to date. We will set up your location on our software system upon the receipt of your one-time set up fee and aid in the installation process. It is not an accounting program but our software now links directly with accounting software customized to meet our demands. The integration of the software platform, daily scheduling and accounting software makes order entry and tracking easy for anyone to use. We will assist each MI-BOX franchisee with the set up and proper training based upon their individual needs shortly after your franchise agreement is finalized.
  • Complete operations manual and start up guide – MI-BOX has compiled a detailed Operations Manual which will be distributed to each franchisee. The Operations Manual was designed by MI-BOX based upon running a mobile storage business. It provides a detailed description of pre-opening procedures, personnel duties and responsibilities, sales procedures, office procedures, delivery and pick up procedures and advertising programs. These methods have been developed and used by MI-BOX and our dealers to assist with the day to day activities of running a mobile storage business.  The Operations Manual will be sent to each dealer shortly after your franchise agreement is finalized.
  • Marketing and Advertising programs – MI-BOX will make available its brochures, postcards, direct mail pieces, magnets, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Logos, Yellow Page Ads, Real Estate Yard Signs, Referral Programs, Business Cards, television commercial and specialty programs developed in a specific tested format. Our programs have been tested and suggestions will be made as to how best promote your business. MI-BOX will supply the artwork for your use. You may alter, change, or add other services to the original artwork to accommodate your specific needs upon written request. You may not alter the MI-BOX Logo in any manner. Any and all production costs, artwork changes, copies, plates, dies, or other charges are your responsibility paid to your printer. MI-BOX will send its current advertising artwork for all current programs shortly after your franchise agreement is finalized.
  • Unlimited training and ongoing support – MI-BOX will supply operations training, software training, lift system training, and day to day procedural training for up to 3 people at our Joliet, IL facility as part of your initial training. This on the job training will cover daily activities of real life situations encountered in mobile storage and are designed to familiarize you with every aspect of running a mobile storage business. All travel costs and accommodations are not included. Training will be scheduled in accordance with a mutually agreeable schedule.
  • File sharing and networking – MI-BOX has a platform for all to communicate and share ideas, resources, programs and other valuable information. This can be very helpful during your start up months.
  • Customer rental agreement – MI-BOX will supply each franchisee with our agreement form (Illinois Version) to be reviewed by Buyer at Buyer’s cost for adaptation to Buyer’s specific state; Our Customer Lease Agreement form (Illinois Version) is used when renting containers to our customers. This should be used by each location as a basis from which to draft a proper agreement specific to your state laws. Since laws vary by state/province regulating self-storage and mobile storage, each franchisee is strongly advised to seek the advice of a qualified attorney to draft an agreement for use with their customers and mobile storage business.
  • Customized territory in which to operate

Franchise Opportunities

The MI-BOX System was created for businesses and individuals who want products that work and the knowledge of how to best use them. We have used our products and our systems since 2004 in our own mobile storage business which has over 400+ containers. They have also been used by our dealers and affiliates throughout the United States and Canada for many years.

Our equipment, products, services and operational systems are only available to MI-BOX locations which gives each one a competitive advantage of any other mobile storage provider.

Using our complete business system ensures you will be off on the right foot with everything you need. Don’t waste valuable time and effort trying to figure everything out on your own. Get started quickly and easily using quality equipment, brand recognition and build your own business using the knowledge and experience of an industry leader.

MI-BOX has locations across the United States and Canada that have been using our products and services for many years. Avoid costly mistakes by using a business model that is proven to work. Don’t waste time and money trying to brand a business that only uses the same inferior products as the competition that limit your business. Use the most trusted brand in the industry by becoming a MI-BOX franchisee to build your valuable business. Use our patented Level Lift System which enables your business to provide a greater level of service and use MI-BOX storage containers that will work for the life of your business.

Be Your Own Boss

MI-BOX Franchisees are in charge of their business. From talking to their customers, to booking orders, to scheduling their mobile storage pick up and deliveries, to their finances. MI-BOX provides a proven system in which to operate and assists each franchisee during every step of the process.

Each MI-BOX Franchisee uses our MI-BOX name, logos, storage containers and lift systems to gain faster brand recognition and more timely entrance to the market. There’s no need to figure everything out on your own. MI-BOX franchisees throughout the United States and Canada use our proven system to produce results for their businesses.

Be your own boss, run your own business and enjoy the fruits of your labor by becoming a MI-BOX Franchisee. Investing into the right equipment and brand is the investment into your business. The MI-BOX equipment and brand helps you stand out in the crowd and create value in your business. MI-BOX now has franchise opportunities available throughout the United States and Canada.

Franchisees are required to purchase MI-BOX containers, our patented Level Lift System, a truck on which to mount it, pay a $17,500 fee to set up your new business and an initial franchisee fee based on the size of your service area. The initial franchise fee ranges from 18 cents to 25 cents per head in population which is largely determined by you and the exclusive territory in which you choose to operate.

MI-BOX also charges a monthly fee of $ 10 per container that each franchisee has in inventory. We do not take a percentage of your gross revenues. For more information on the costs associated with MI-BOX, please explore the site to learn more about the business and then click Get Started to contact the MI-BOX representative for your area.

Dealership vs Franchise

A dealership is the same as a franchise according to the law if three simple criteria are met.  According to the Franchise Rule.

  • The amended Rule covers the offer and sale of franchises. As under the original Rule, a
    commercial business arrangement is a “franchise” if it satisfies three definitional elements.
    Specifically, the franchisor must: (1) promise to provide a trademark or other commercial
    symbol; (2) promise to exercise significant control or provide significant assistance in the
    operation of the business; and (3) require a minimum payment of at least $500 during the first six
    months of operations.
  • All MI-BOX dealers and franchised locations are required to use our Trademark Name, so condition (1) is clearly met.
  • All MI-BOX franchised locations have or will make a minimum payment of at least $ 500 during the first six months of operation, so (3) is clearly met.
  • The promise to exercise significant control or provide significate assistance in the operation of the business is not quite as clear. After much thought and legal consideration, MI-BOX elected to obtain franchise status in 2022 with the filing of our Franchise Disclosure Document to ensure all laws were followed properly.
  • MI-BOX can now provide operating manuals, marketing plans, software, websites, analytic, and a host of other benefits for our franchised locations.

Each party to a franchise has several interests to protect. The franchisor is involved in securing protection for the trademark, controlling the business concept and securing know-how. The franchisee is obligated to carry out the services for which the trademark has been made prominent or famous. Standardization is required  and therefore legal protection is essential to the brand. The brand can include franchisor’s signs, logos and trademarks and methods of operation which need to be protected. The services provided need to have patterns of operations and systems to be used by the franchisee to give the best chance for success. MI-BOX offers a unique franchise opportunity in the mobile storage industry backed by years of experience with locations throughout the US and Canada.

A service can be successful if equipment and supplies are purchased at a fair price from the franchisor or sources recommended by the franchisor. A coffee brew, for example, can be readily identified by the trademark if its raw materials come from a particular supplier. If the franchisor requires purchase from his stores, it may come under anti-trust legislation or equivalent laws of other countries. Consistency in product, service and brand are necessary ingredients for success. The franchisee must negotiate the license and must develop a marketing or business plan with the franchisor. The fees must be fully disclosed and there should not be any hidden fees. The start-up costs and working capital must be known before the license is granted. There must be assurance that additional licensees will not crowd the “territory” if the franchise is worked according to plan. The franchisee must be seen as an independent merchant. It must be protected by the franchisor from any trademark infringement by third parties. A franchise attorney is highly recommended prior to finalizing any franchise agreement.

Join one of the best and most reliable franchise opportunity available, join MI-BOX today.



MI-BOX Franchise

Starting a new mobile storage business doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right knowledge and experience. Learning something for the first time always takes more time and costs more. MI-BOX Mobile Storage started in 2004 and has grown to service customers from coast to coast in the United States and Canada.

Our mobile storage network is continually growing and developing new moving and storage business solutions for the betterment of our brand. MI-BOX mobile storage containers and level delivery systems have been tested for years in virtually every climate and situation. We developed and refined our business model to work with any type of business.

Our marketing programs have been tested and are proven to produce results. The knowledge and experience our MI-BOX locations have learned over the years is available to every new MI-BOX franchisee. MI-BOX continually invests back into our system so every dealer has access to the latest technology and supporting platform.

We want you to know what we know, we want you to learn what works and why, we want you to succeed and we will support each franchisee to the best of our ability. Why? The answer is simple. Because our name depends on it!

Franchisees  should expect the total investment necessary to begin operation of a System Business ranges from $494,697 to $1,936,072, which includes (a) a franchise fee that will range $18,000 to $300,000 for a typical designated territory containing a population of between 100,000 and 1,000,000, and (b) an additional $211,557 to $283,937 that must be paid to us and/or our affiliate prior to opening.

You should have a minimum net worth of 1.5 million and liquid capital of  at least $ 300,000.


Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is growing exponentially as awareness of its benefits increase. It’s becoming the preferred way for people to move and store their belongings. Mobile storage or portable storage as it is also called, is capturing customers from the existing $ 22.5 billion self-storage market, the $ 16.5 billion moving industry and creating new alternatives for customers that need temporary storage on their site. Since this industry is still in its infancy, the possibilities for growth seem limitless. Mobile storage offers cost effective and convenient solution to the millions of people that move and store each year.


Mobile storage is in every major market in the United States and Canada and it’s rapidly expanding to industrialized countries throughout the world. Major van lines and self storage companies have already embraced it. Many have added it to service new customers, penetrate vertical markets and differentiate their business. Numerous mobile storage companies have emerged over the past decade but most use similar containers and delivery methods. Having a unique selling proposition, a recognizable brand name, and operational support can set you apart and increase your chances of success.


Mobile storage is a very scalable business. One can start with a minimal amount of containers and a way of delivering them. Then, build an inventory of containers as rented containers accumulate. This process can be repeated until the land or warehouse space is maximized. This can be done very quickly or gradually depending on your business plan, finances and bandwidth.

Stand-alone or Add-on

It can be a stand-alone business or easily added to an existing business. A stand-alone business will typically require more rented containers to reach profitability as common expenses cannot be shared as with an existing business. It’s a great add on to existing self storage and moving businesses as the cost of where to keep the containers and existing labor expenses are already accounted for.

Low Head-count

Few employees are needed for even a larger mobile storage operator. A 400+ box operation may only consist of an operations manager and two drivers. A smaller 150 box operator may only have a driver with the owner being the operations manager. As the owner, it’s really up to you to decide what roll you will play in the day to day operations.


The explosive growth of mobile storage can be seen in every major market in the United States and Canada. It will continue for as long as people are in need of cost effective convenient moving and storage solutions. Get the advantages mobile storage has to offer your business … Get MI-BOX!

Getting Started

Step 1: Deciding on the Right Products

Every mobile storage business is built using portable storage containers and a way of delivering them. We encourage everyone considering mobile storage to exhaustively research your portable storage container and delivery system options. Then, compare your findings to MI-BOX. If you can find a better portable storage container… buy it. If you can find a better container delivery system… buy it. We manufacture and use our own products in our portable storage business. They work for us and our dealers and they will work for you too. Build your business foundation with portable storage containers and container delivery systems that gives your business the competitive advantage from the start.

Step 2: Know your Service Markets

Portable storage offers the tremendous benefit of delivering moving and storage services to your customers. On a daily basis, portable storage businesses can effectively service about a 1 hour drive time from any facility. Yes, it is possible to travel beyond 1 hour, but your efforts should be concentrated within this radius to maximize results. Portable storage services 3 primary markets.

a. On Site Markets: This market is defined by customers who are in need of a portable storage container that is delivered to a customer and left there until they are done renting the unit. Great for remodeling projects, restoration companies and commercial contractors. One initial delivery is made to bring the container to the customer and one final pick up is made once the job is completed.

b. Moving or Site to Site Markets: This market is defined by customers who are in need of a portable storage container being delivered to a customer’s initial site and moved directly to another site designated by the customer. Similar to the U-Hauler’s or truck rental markets the moving market is highly targeted by portable storage. This can be for any period of time, days, weeks, months or even years. Storage containers are rented by the month, so the customer is under no time constraint. An initial delivery is made to bring the container to the customer; a return trip to that location is made to retrieve the storage container. The container is delivered to the customer’s final destination, and a final pick up is made once the job is completed.

c. Self Storage Markets: This market is defined by customers who are in need of a portable storage container but also need a place to keep their stored contents for any length of time. Very similar to self-storage, this market provides moving and storage services but also offers the tremendous benefit of convenience. Customers don’t have to rent a truck, pay fuel charges or be under the time constraints of making multiple trips to a self-storage facility. An initial delivery is made to bring the container to the customer; it is left there until the customer has had time to load their contents. Once loaded, the portable storage container is picked up and brought back to a secure warehouse or fenced in lot for storage. Customers may come out to retrieve any stored items and a final delivery is made when the customer is done renting. A final pick up is completed once the customer’s belongings have been unloaded.

These are the markets mobile storage services. Virtually every single customer will fall into one of these categories. Research these markets in your service area. Understand the needs of your customers. Know your competitors who service these markets. Use products that give your business the ability to perform a greater service to your customers to give you the best chance of success. As a MI-BOX franchisee, we will help you properly identify market opportunities in your area.

Step 3: Develop Your Business Plan

Not all businesses are alike. You should have a clear vision of how you want your business to look and most importantly, understand the numbers associated with it. Will you be doing everything yourself? Will you have a few employees? Will you rent a warehouse or secure storage lot or buy one? Understanding your monthly expenses is critical to reaching your goals. You should build an accurate income / expense analysis. Once you understand your expenses – It’s time to understand your income.

Step 4: How Portable Storage Dealers Make Money

Mobile storage companies rent containers to residential and commercial customers by the month and charge delivery fees to get containers to their customers and pick them up. Monthly rental rates are determined by each dealer but are typically in the range of other competing business. On average, 16 ft containers rent for $ 199 per month. Delivery charges also are determined by each dealer and vary by distance traveled. Typical delivery charges range from $ 65 – $95. MI-BOX charges an initial delivery charge and a final delivery charge.

Change the monthly rental fee and/or the number of rented containers and press the CALCULATE button to update.
Monthly Rental Fee – 16 ft
Avg Months Containers are Rented X 4
Avg Initial Delivery + Final Pick Up Fee + $150
Total Income per rented container = $906
# of months / 4
Avg income per container = $226.50
Number of rented containers X
Gross Monthly Income = $45,300
Note: MI-BOX does NOT make an earnings claim other than listed in Item 19 of our franchise disclosure document. The information above is not intended to be a projection of revenues in any way. It is simply an illustration. Rather, the information was gathered from competitors websites. Revenue will vary geographically, so please do your own due diligence.

Step 5: Be Realistic

Know your limits and financial capabilities. Everyone is different; therefore every mobile storage business will have its own unique characteristics. Will you start small and build it over time? Will you be an owner operator or will you have employees? How will you finance your business? Answers to these questions will help shape the outlook of your mobile storage business.

Step 6: Make A Decision

Once you have the product knowledge and understand the numbers. You need to decide if portable storage is right for you. If it is, then decide if you should figure everything else out on your own, if a franchise is right for you, or if you want the freedom to run your business using the most trusted brand name in the industry. Decide if a MI-BOX Mobile Storage Franchise is right for you.

MI-BOX will assist any prospective franchisee free of charge. Getting you the correct information to make sound business decisions is what we do. Using quality products that last is who we are. Let us help you with your mobile storage decision. Remember that a portable storage franchise is different from a portable storage dealership.  MI-BOX  enables you to keep more of the money you make!

MI-BOX Mobile Storage franchise opportunities are available in the United States and Canada